Coir Husk Crusher Machine

Coconut Husk CrusherCrusher is used to reduce the hardness of the husk. This is first process in De-Fibering Unit. Two rollers are connected with Gear Box and Motor. In between two rollers , we are feeding the husk with help of Movable Conveyer system. The spikes are fixed with the rollers.(Nearly 400 spikes in each rollers).So automatically the husk hardness will be reduced ,but the fiber will not be damaged.

Heavy-duty crusher with two crushing rollers completely equipped with anti friction ball bearings and with gear systems. The entire driving arrangements and bearings are protected in a dust proof chamber. The machine is equipped with a reduction gearbox to transmit fluctuating loads.

In this process, the machine is combing the husk. Fiber will not be damaged. So, we will get lengthy and quality fiber from this system. If we use this fiber to manufacturing the yarn, we will get quality yarn and more production. For export purpose they are using this type of fiber only.

Power : 7.5 HP 1440 RPM
Capacity : 25000 Husks / 8 hrs