Husk Crusher
Crusher is used to reduce the hardness of the husk. This is first process in De-Fibering Unit. Two rollers are connected with Gear Box and Motor.
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Defibering Machine
De-Fibering machine is used to comb the husk to separate the Fiber and foreign materials. The machine is assembled with two drums
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The screener is conical shape with 1 inch gape mesh. The screener is screened small fiber and pith from the fiber. Reduction gear box driving
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Turbo Cleaner / Beater
Beater also used for clean the fiber.36” dia and 5.5 feet length beater with pulley driving arrangements and anti friction ball bearings
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Hydraulic Baling Machine
Clean and dried fiber will be packed for sales with help of baling machine.Heavy-duty type MS plate fabricated body,
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Husk Opener
To produce more and more dehusked coconut, Husk opener machine is really reducing man power and better productivity
A Coir decorticator is a machine for stripping the skin, bark, or rind off nuts in coconut and its preparation for further processing.
Willowing Machine
The Willowing Machine cleans the Fiber. The Willowing Machine cleans the pith and hard bits from the Fiber.