Coconut CopraDe-hydrated Kernel (Copra) is the dried meat, or kernel of the coconut. Making Copra-removing the Shell, breaking up, drying usually is done where the palms grow, by the natural process of pure sunlight in day light hours. No chemicals, preservatives or artificial drying machineries are used. Coconut Oil is extracted traditionally by grating or grinding Copra. Now a days, the process of Coconut Oil extraction is done by crushing Copra to produce Coconut Oil, and the by-product is known as Cake. Two types of Copra namely milling and edible are made in India. Milling Copra is used to extract Oil while edible grade of Copra is consumed as a dry fruit and used for religious purposes. Milling Copra is generally manufactured by adopting sun drying and artificial means. Edible Copra is made in the form of cups. Different grades of edible Copra are available in the market according to the size.