Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell PowderCoconut shell powder is manufactured from matured coconut shells. Most of coconut shell powder manufacturing industries are an organized industry in India. The product finds extensive use in plywood and laminated board industry as a phenol extruder and as filler in synthetic resin glues, mosquito coils and agarbathis. Coconut shell powder is preferred to other alternate materials available in the market such as bark powder, furfural and peanut shell powder because of its uniformity in quality and chemical composition, better properties in respect of water absorption and resistance to fungal attack. The product is manufactured in sizes ranging from 80-300 mesh. Keeping in view of the vast industrial uses, the demand for coconut shell powder appears to be promising.

Technical Spcification

Color : Clear light brown free flowing powder
Moisture : 7 to 12 per cent Max
Apparent Density : 0.6 to 0.9g /max
Ash Content : 1.5 Max
Sieve Analysis : Retained on 200 mesh shall not exceed 0.1%
Packing : 25 to 50 kgs bags and per pallet one MT-22 Pallets per container